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  1. We’ll be joining the @USCC in downtown Atlanta for #COMPOST2018, the national conference. Reserve your hotel rooms for #COMPOST2018 here (
  2. We are gearing up to be @US Composting Council’s 26th annual conference. Register for #COMPOST2018 here ( Can ya dig it?
  3. At least a dozen new #organics recycling mandates and #compost related regulations passed this year so it’s an important time to be in the know! Learn whats up at #COMPOST2018 the national meeting of the @US Composting Council.


  1. Join us in Atlanta at the Westin Peachtreefor #COMPOST2018 ( #Canyadigit
  2. Gear up for @USCompostingCouncil’s 26th annual conference.
    Register here ( #COMPOST2018
  3. Kick the tires at the #COMPOST2018 Demo Day. #live #compost turners
  4. Atlanta Compost Conference-speakers you won’t forget. #COMPOST2018 #rockstars #sustainability

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Please post about the session you’re speaking in and your topic, and tag @US Composting Council. Example:

  1. I’m XXXXX and I invite you to join me at #COMPOST2018, where I’ll be speaking on XXXXXX. Check out the program and register at this website: