Be Aware of COMPOST2023 Scams

As the USCC’s Conference is around the corner there will be scams related to the conference regularly!

Scams will attempt to convince you to purchase: Attendee Lists, Hotels, and even attendance to the conference. The USCC does sell & link to each of these items through the USCC’s websites and through authorised contact emails.

All USCC finances are handled by certain individuals of USCC, Greenfern Events and by certain individuals of the finance team at Capitol Hill Management Services (CHMS).


Authorized USCC Staff Emails all end with

  • Frank Franciosi – Executive Director
  • Cary Oshins – Associate Director
  • Linda Norris-Waldt – Advocacy, Corporate Relations & Chapter Relations Director
  • Gowri Sundaram – Database Manager
  • Eric Hudiburg – Membership & Marketing Manager
  • Hessa Al Maghlouth – Administrative Assistant
  • Teri Sorg-McManamon – Director of Professional Development and Certification; Project Manager, Compost University
  • General USCC Accounts


USCC Contractors Green Fern Events – GFE manages the USCC’s annual conference and are authorized to send and collect payment details.

  • Emily Kahn
  • Tiffany Harelik
  • Ryder Nicholas

The only authorized sources of information are as follows:

Membership Billing – Any USCC Staff or

Membership Lists – Eric Hudiburg & Linda Norris-Waldt

Conference Lists – Green Fern Events

Conference Hotel Bookings – Emails from or our website