The COMPOST2024 mobile app lets you check out sessions, explore exhibitors, connect with speakers, and network with others at the event. It is USCC’s way to reduce paper waste by providing you with every possible thing that you could need at the conference.

Download the COMPOST2024 Mobile App


Check-In and Badge Management

Program and Speaker Details

Exhibitor Information and Interactive Features

Demo Day and Equipment Showcase

USCC Programs Highlights

Personalized Conference Experience

Continuing Education Credit Tracking

We are launching four new mobile app features at COMPOST2024. Elevate your conference experience with:

  1. Tool Box Talks for engaging discussions with vendors
  2. Attendee Scanner for efficient check-ins
  3. Expo Hall Quest for interactive exploration
  4. Cont Edu Cert for streamlined education credit tracking

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I view the program and find my favorite sessions using the COMPOST2024 mobile app?

The ‘Program’ icon on the COMPOST2024 app allows you to search for sessions by Program Type, Day, Type of event, Keyword, Speaker, Track, etc. Within the ‘Days’ option, you can access session descriptions, presentation materials, and Speaker Bios. You can also customize your schedule by adding sessions to ‘My Agenda’ and take notes about each session.

How can I keep track of the booths I want to visit and know my way around the trade show hall using the COMPOST2024 mobile app?

Utilize the Maps feature and choose the Exhibit Hall interactive map, or by searching for exhibitors in the Exhibitor Directory and clicking the Floor tab. You can also read about companies and products, locate them on the floor plan, and design your route through the Exhibit Hall. You can mark your favorite booths by clicking the checkbox and adding them to ‘My Agenda’ for easy reference.

How can I learn who is speaking and connect with conference speakers using the COMPOST2024 mobile app?

You have two options. First, visit the speaker’s profile by clicking on their name in the session description. The speaker’s profile will contain a biography and contact information (if available). Second, navigate to the ‘Speakers’ icon and explore the Speaker Directory to learn about and connect with conference speakers.

How can I rate a session or speaker using the mobile app?

To provide feedback on sessions, go to each session listing and share your thoughts under the ‘Session Feedback’ section. For speakers, visit their profile directly and rate them under the ‘Speaker Feedback’ section. Your ratings and comments contribute to planning COMPOST2025. Note that in-app ratings differ from the post-conference feedback form which will be shared with you through email.

How can I download and log in to the COMPOST2024 Mobile App?

Visit your App store (Google Play or Apple) and search for COMPOST2024. Download the app and use the following login credentials to access the event information:
Username: [Enter the email address associated with your COMPOST2024 registration]

Password: COMPOST2024

Don’t forget to update your profile once you log in!

How can I record continuing education credits at the conference?

You have two options. Firstly, enter the special three-digit code provided by the session monitor during the session via the mobile app: ‘Program’ > select the day > click on the CE Credit icon by the session, enter the code, and click OK. Alternatively, use the search feature by clicking on the ‘SEARCH’ icon, type the Track ID, and click the CE Credit icon on the session page to enter the code. Secondly, at the registration desk, you can request a paper PDH form that you will need to email to If you are using the mobile app, you can download your certificate or view earned credits by navigating to the second page on the mobile app and email yourself a copy of the attendance certificate.

Please note: If you are a USCC CCOM® or CCP®, once you use the first method above, your attendee credits will be added to your USCC Certification profile/journal after the conference. An email confirmation of credits will be sent at that time.