This year’s winners

1st Place

Dylan Lew of Ecotone Renewables Digester

2nd Place

David Velez of TAWA

3rd Place

Jamie Blanchard-Poling of Compost Queen PBC (Curbside Micro Site Composting)

The Emerging Composter Challenge is an annual business pitch/poster competition, open to young professionals looking to showcase their businesses and research within the composting, compostable products, and organics recycling space.

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Last year winners are

1st Place Prize: Groundcycle

2nd Place Prize: Astoria Pug

3rd Place Prize: APU Compost



1. SoDak Community Compost

Deirdre Appel

2. Closed Loop Systems- Renewable Waste Solution

Jacob Fox

3. Black Soldier Fly Larvae for full resource management and extraction- Complete Resource management

Aubrey Fornwalt

4. Curbside Micro Site Composting

Jamie Blanchard-Poling

5. Queen City Commons, LLC- Co-creating a resilient composting network on Cincinnati, OH

Marie Hopkins

6. Ecotone Renewables Digester

Dylan Lew

7. Crystal Coast Curbside Community Composting Service

Justin Brann

8. Coming soon

Coming soon

9. The Compost Marketing Agency- Making Composto Mainstream

Tim Steckel

10. Hard Core compost- Worker owned Bicycle powered compost

Kumi Maxson

11. Oh Scrap DC- From Table to Farm

Claudia Lievano

12. For a Greener Beqaa

Nivine Nasrallah

13. Organica Jordan

Walid & Mutassem Alnabulsi

Applicants from college students to any business (that meets requirements) that recycles or supports the recycling of organics are encouraged to apply! 

Contest Details

The Emerging Composter Competition looks for research projects and new businesses that span the entire organic food waste recycling industry:

  • Technology innovations (apps, equipment, software)
  • Composting systems and technologies
  • Innovations for producing compost
  • Businesses that focus on contamination aversion
  • Public education focused businesses
  • Collection service models, especially in underserved areas
  • Businesses focused on compost use

Applicants can be for-profit or not-for-profit business owners who have been in existence 3 years or less; and have an annual sales revenue of $100,000 or less, Applicants should be looking for ways to gain feedback and momentum in pursuing their project, program, or business concept.

Interested in participating in the Emerging Composter Competition at COMPOST2023? Come back to this webpage for new updates soon!

For any questions related to the competition please reach out to Antoine Abou-Moussa or Hessa Al Maghlouth.

First prize $3000 Rubicon Global



Second prize $2000 Honeycomb Credit



Third Prize $1000 McGill