IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT COMPOST2022 SPONSOR and EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION: PLEASE READ PRIOR TO REGISTERING! Exhibitor registration is separate from regular Attendee registration and it is important to know what to select when registering. After you have read the instructions, please go here: https://www.compostingcouncil.org/event/COMPOST2022sponsor-exhibitor-reg

If you are NOT an Exhibitor or Sponsor, do NOT register in this portal. Please visit: https://www.compostingcouncil.org/event/compost2022

In an effort to minimize errors in your registration, we ask that all Exhibitors and Sponsors follow the instructions below. Our new membership/registration has some quirks so please read all instructions below.

You will be able to register ALL of your attendees at once. See more on this below. You will also be able to go back in at a later date and add ADDITIONAL attendees when schedules have been finalized. If you need to make changes or remove someone, please contact Gowri Sundaram (gsundaram@compostingcouncil.org) directly with the info you would like to change.

There are 3 sections, please scroll down to the section that applies to your company:

Please refer to the sponsor email sent from Emily Kahn to know how many VIP Sponsor registrations your company receives.

Please use the required ticket labeled:
“I am a SPONSOR (Full Conference2022 ONLY)” to register all your VIP Sponsor Representatives

If you will be bringing additional representatives and you are NOT exhibiting, please register them through the standard registration portal at: https://www.compostingcouncil.org/event/compost2022



Please refer to the sponsor email sent from Emily Kahn to know how many VIP Sponsor representative registrations, Complimentary Exhibitor representative registrations, and Discounted Exhibitor representative registrations your company receives.

Please use the required ticket labeled:
“I am a SPONSOR (Full Conference2022 ONLY)” to register all your VIP Sponsor Representatives

Please refer to the below section on Exhibitors to register your Exhibitor Representatives.


Please refer to the below chart to see HOW many complimentary Exhibitor Representative registrations you receive and how many Discounted Representative registrations you receive. # of representatives registered will be verified and invoices will be sent out to collect payment for additional reps registered.
Please use the required ticket labeled:
“I am an EXHIBITOR (Full Conference2022 COMP REP)” to register your complimentary representatives

Please use the required ticket labeled:
“I am an EXHIBITOR (Full Conference2022 DISCOUNTED REP)” to register your additional discounted representatives

Please use the required ticket labeled:
“I am an EXHIBITOR (Full Conference2022 Full Price)” to register any additional representatives. As a courtesy, we are honoring the early bird, member price of $549 for any exhibitor that wants to have additional reps attend the conference.

Please follow the below fee schedule on discounted passes and complimentary passes for your Exhibitors. All comp/discounted registrations* will be verified.

10×10 2 comps + 2 discounted
10×20 2 comps + 4 discounted
20×20 3 comps + 6 discounted



3 comps + 7 discounted

4 comps + 8 discounted

*Each registration includes access to the opening reception, all concurrent sessions, plenary events, meal functions, the Tradeshow Hall, and the Live Equipment Demonstration Show. Workshops/Tours are an additional fee.

Contact Irene at irene@greenfernevents.com with questions about adding additional discounted registrations.

>> Please read our Conference FAQ here
>> Have you booked your hotel? Hotel Information can be found here
>> Read about Pre-Conference Workshops here prior to filling out your registration
(Workshops/Tours are NOT included in your Discounted or Complimentary registration, but you will be able to add them during your registration)

We encourage Exhibitors who are bringing additional discounted representatives to select Discounted Rep Full Conference so that they can experience sessions and plenaries throughout the Full event. If additional representatives are needed just for the booth for one day, please select TRADESHOW ONLY. This ticket ONLY includes access to the Tradeshow Hall on the day selected. This does not allow access to any plenary sessions or concurrent sessions.

This registration system will allow Members and Non-Members to register themselves and additional attendees.

*If you are registering multiple attendees and they have company names that differ from the parent Exhibitor or Sponsor company, It is important to note in the bottom question which company they are attached to. This will cut down on the cross reference process and back and forth between you and our registration team verifying your company’s attendees.


  1. Please log in as your MASTER ACCOUNT in order to expedite your company’s registration. This will allow you to easily autofill member employee info without duplicating accounts OR having to type in new data.
  2. Once you have registered yourself, Click the button at the bottom of the 2nd tab that says “Save & Add Another Attendee”:
  3. You will see a pink bar at the top saying who has been registered already and a white drop down in the top left corner of the Attendee Info tab saying “Copy existing registrant or My CoWorkers:
  4. If you are registering an Additional CoWorker under the Master Account, please select that person from the list. Their profile data will be populated with profile data USCC has on file. If you are registering an additional person NOT in your company’s Master Account but that has similar info, please select “Copy Existing registrant” and all data will pre-populate. You may then go and adjust specific data such as name, email, phone, and personal preferences that needs to be changed.
  5. When you are done adding in all your attendees, please Click “Save & Finalize Registration”

  6. Please fill out all Billing Information and Credit Card Details. You will be able to see each type of registration you purchased prior to completing your order. Please review before Placing your Order*

**Your registration invoice will have each type of registration AND the name of the registrant associated with that registration. Unfortunately our system does not allow this to be seen at this step.

Please follow instructions for MEMBERS starting at STEP 2. The only section you will not be able to do is register Additional CoWorkers. You will be able to copy Existing Registrant to save on time.

All registrations must be paid via Credit Card through the below online Registration system.

In special circumstances when credit payment is not an option, USCC may allow registration via check. Please send an email to Gowri to explain your circumstances and we will get back to you within three business days. There is no guarantee that your request will be accepted. lf the check is not received by January 15, 2022, we will require full walk-in rate payment upon arrival prior to issuing your badge. Please SUBJECT your email with “your name and Request to pay by Check for COMPOST2022”.

We cannot accept checks from Individuals or Organizations outside of the United States. Wiring is acceptable; fees for international transactions will incur a $15 transaction fee. If payment has not been received by January 15, USCC will require full walk-in rate by credit card transaction upon arrival.. Badges will not be issued until payment is received. Please contact Gowri to request Wiring Instructions and Bank information. Please SUBJECT your email with “your name and International Order COMPOST2022”.

If you wish to make changes to your registration, please contact our team at gsundaram@compostingcouncil.org. Please include your Order # (found in an email titled: US Composting Council – Thank you for your order), a copy of your registration, your full name, and the change you are requesting (you may forward your Order with your requested change). You will not be able to make online changes to your already purchased registration.

Cancellation notices must be made in writing and submitted via email to gsundaram@compostingcouncil.org. Refunds of full fee, less $50 administrative fee, will be made only if notice of cancellation is received by December 31, 2021. No refund will be granted for any reason after January 1, 2022.