STA Program Participant Checklist

1. Using the “Collecting Field Samples” document directions, collect a 1 gallon sample of compost.

2. Following the “Chain of Custody” form submit the 1 gallon compost sample to the testing lab of your choice. (STA approved labs can be found in the Lab section of this web site).

  • Both of forms are needed in order to properly collect and submit your compost sample.
  • Testing a sample can that 3-4 weeks, so you need to build that into your time frame.

3. Include with this sample the following information:

  • Completed chain of custody form (check BOTH STA AND 503 analyses, as well as any state DOT form that is required)
  • Fully complete the form listing; composting facility name, contact information, feedstock, state DOT requirements (if any), etc. This information must be the same contact information that is posted on the STA website and on any STA literature that is created.

4. The key pieces of the contract that need to be completed, signed and returned are listed below.

  • Please return the original and retain a photocopy for your records.
  • Complete and submit the following forms and items to the STA Program Administrative/Technical Manager (see address below):
    a. The STA Program cover page
    b. Appendix D – The entire logo use agreement
    c. Appendix F-1 – The application form (Please complete a separate form for each compost product that you want included in the STA program)
    d.Your product use instructions, with specific compost application rates (these are often forgotten).
    Please provide specific use information that includes either volume or depth of compost application. Compost test results will be provided directly by the STA lab.
  • Provide a 1 quart sample of your compost product(s). This does not require any special packaging or shipping.
  • PLEASE also include a current copy of your composting facility operating permit cover page showing facility name and current dating.

5. Please see the STA annual participation fee schedule page here.

Please submit all of the above to the STA Program Manager:

Al Rattie
29 E. Ridge Avenue
Sellersville, PA 18960