Lisa Skumatz

Lisa Skumatz

Lisa Skumatz

Speaker | SERA Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc.

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USCC Member

Lisa Skumatz is an economist with 36 years in solid waste research. She has conducted solid waste program and policy research around the nation, and published more than 100 articles on trash, recycling, organics, and reduction strategies. Lisa is known for her quantitative analysis expertise and she focuses on research that helps inform program decision-making by communities, states, and haulers. Lisa has spoken at more than 100 conferences, and keynoted at conferences in both the US and internationally. She is Chair of the Board for the NRC and on the board of Colorado SWANA and CAFR. Lisa has won two nationwide lifetime achievement awards for her work in Solid Waste.

Presentation Title: Food / Organics Programs: Making it Work

co-authors: Maria Linderoth

Session: Making it Work: Improving Your Collection Programs

Time: Wednesday, January 30, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Presentation Summary: Food represents a huge portion of the remaining disposal stream, and the largest opportunity for progress in both the residential and commercial sector. Which are the most effective –and cost-effective –options? We recently conducted a series of residential and commercial projects in states across the nation, geared toward exploring the best options. We examined the best performers and examples in the following areas:
•Residential options
•Commercial strategies
•Bans, mandates, and State legislation
•Strategies to address siting complications
Whether or not one has already implemented a program, is just thinking about a program, or does not know the first thing about food scraps recovery, this presentation will share information designed to help spur the growth of these programs using lessons learned from other communities to become as successful and sustainable as possible.

What attendees will get from the session:
Outcomes / Lessons: Attendees will take home reliable, transferable information to guide specific decision-making on organics collection programs –guidance that is based on quantitative analysis of real-world, operating programs and their performance.