Nisha Thakker

Nisha Thakker

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Nisha Thakker is an experienced in-house nonprofit attorney and senior-level business partner. Formerly the associate general counsel of a large REALTOR® association in Northern Virginia, she has a broad understanding of nonprofit legal matters as well as business operations, governance, and development. Through her work at a Washington, DC-based association management company, Nisha advised her association clients on operational efficiencies and risk-management considerations. She also served as an advisor to several of the company’s additional clients and provided in-house association legal counsel company-wide. As a co-founder of Tenenbaum Law Group, Nisha counsels her clients on the broad array of legal issues affecting trade and professional associations, charities, and other nonprofits, including event codes of conduct, codes of ethics, and sound governance practices.

Session Code: 4F

Track: State Chapter

Session Name: Chapter Conversations: Legal

Session Time: Thursday, February 8, 8:30 – 10:00 AM

Presentation Title: How to Stay Out of Hot Water: Best Practices of Chapter Legal Compliance

Presentation Description: Learn your most important elements for your State Chapter’s legal compliance