Andrew Carpenter

Andrew Carpenter

Andrew Carpenter

Speaker | Northern Tilth

Belfast, ME |

USCC Member

Andrew Carpenter – Andrew Carpenter is a certified soil scientist, certified crop advisor and certified nutrient management planning specialist.  Andrew has been recycling organic residuals and developing new recycling programs since 1992.  He has extensive experience in planning and handling technical issues related to the reuse of organic residuals.  Andrew received an M.S. in Plant, Soil and Environmental Science at the University of Maine.  Currently, he is the Past President of the Northeast Biosolids and Residuals Association.

Session Name: CCREF Supported Research Results: Air Emissions, Soluble Salts, Wetland Restoration

Session Time: Wednesday, January 29, 4:15 to 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: Measuring Air Emissions from Composting Piles: A CCREF Whitepaper

Presentation Description: Requirements for quantifying air emissions from composting have become more commonplace in the past decade, especially for compost facilities on the west coast of the US. Historically, the focus of compost air emissions regulations has been on compounds associated with smog formation. However, future regulations are likely to also focus on greenhouse gases and toxic air contaminants. Due to the dynamic, biologically-driven nature of composting, air emissions are highly variable throughout the process of converting fresh organic materials to stable finished compost. Because of this variability, accurately characterizing compost air emissions is both complicated and expensive. In order to better understand current issues related to compost air emissions analysis, the US Composting Council’s Research and Education Foundation (CCREF) contracted with Northern Tilth and Dr. Sally Brown from the University of Washington to provide an analysis of current practices, constraints associated with those practices and potential new approaches to sampling and analysis of compost air emissions. This presentation will provide a summary of the report from this investigation, including the benefits and short-comings of current and newer approaches to compost air emissions analysis.

Session Name: PFAS–Understanding the Impact of Fluorinated Hydrocarbons on Compost Manufacturers

Session Time: Thursday, Jan. 30, 5:15 – 5:45pm

Presentation Title: Non-Stick legacy: PFAS in Composts

Presentation Description: Coming Soon