Assaf Sadeh

Assaf Sadeh

Assaf Sadeh

Speaker | Soil Control Lab

Watsonville, CA |

As the lead compost analyst and compost department manager at Soil Control Lab, Assaf Sadeh has analyzed thousands of compost samples for production, marketing, and regulatory purposes. In addition to performing compost analyses, Assaf spends much of his time helping compost producers, consumers, and regulators interpret and better understand the importance and usefulness of the test results. Outside of the lab, since 2013, Assaf has been sharing his knowledge of compost as the instructor for the Compost Testing and Quality section of the CCREF Compost Operations Training Courses held in California.

USCC Member

Presentation Title: Everything you Always Wanted to Know about Interpreting your Lab Report but Were Afraid to Ask

Session: Seal of Testing Assurance, Part I: Knowledge is Power

Time: Tuesday, January 29, 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Presentation Summary: Compost analyses contain a wealth of information, but understanding and using that information can be a challenge, especially with all the other demands on a composter. Few people have done more compost analyses than Assaf Sadeh as manager at Soil Control Lab. Using the Seal of Testing Assurance Compost Technical Data Sheet as a guide, Assaf will review the major sections of the report that help answer the three important questions:

  • Is this compost safe (pathogens and metals)?
  • Is this compost done (stability and maturity)?
  • What is this compost good for (nutrients, contaminants, and other analytes)?