Speaker | Kiss the Ground

Riverside, CA | ayesha@kisstheground.com

Ayesha Ali is the Federal Policy Coordinator at Kiss the Ground, working primarily on the Regenerate America™ campaign. She has a background in research, political ecology, and communications, having previously worked in the environmental comms shop at Prime Weber Shandwick. She holds an M.A. in Global Environmental History with a focus on agricultural production and global food supply chain policies; she specialized in California’s 20th-century water policy and the contemporary groundwater crisis.

Session Code: B3

Track: Policy

Session Name: Compost in Agriculture: Addressing Climate Change, Carbon Cycling, and So Much More

Session Time: Wednesday, Jan 25, 4:15 to 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: Regenerative Agriculture and the Farm Bill: How a Better Farm Bill can Build Healthier Soils

Presentation Description: The Farm Bill impacts nearly every aspect of farmers’ lives and work, influencing what they produce, in what quantities, and the practices that they are able to implement on their lands.

The current Farm Bill (the biggest source of funding for agricultural programs and services) does not do enough to support farmers and ranchers in the transition to regenerative agriculture. Regenerate America™ aims to ensure support for regenerative agriculture in the 2023 Farm Bill. By applying pressure to key leverage points within the agriculture system – education, infrastructure, and crop insurance, to name a few – we can create a system that works for farmers of all scales, but that rewards those that are doing better for the planet, the land, and the people. This session will inform participants about how they can get involved with the Regenerate America campaign to help make sure the 2023 Farm Bill includes policies that support healthy soils and the farmers that are building a healthy soil ecosystem through regenerative farming.