Ben Parry

Ben Parry

Ben Parry

Compost Crew | "Positioning your business for success with municipalities"

Rockville MD |

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Ben Parry, the CEO of Compost Crew, is a business executive and entrepreneur fighting to protect the health of our planet, with experience leading project finance, operations, asset management, EPC, and project development. He built his career in the renewable energy industry, helping start a solar power developer in India, and most recently leading a business that owned solar and wind assets across five continents. In July 2018 he took on a new challenge by acquiring Compost Crew, which has almost quadrupled in size over the past two years. Ben has an MBA from Georgetown University.

Session Code: B4

Session Name: Positioning Community Composting: How to Succeed with Your Municipality

Session Time: Wed, January 27, Round 4, 3:00-4:15 PM EST

Session Description: Community composting has seen rapid growth over the past decade. Hear movement leaders share lessons learned that will be helpful to any group seeking to work with their local government.

Presentation Title: Positioning your business for success with municipalities

Presentation Description: Compost Crew recently published the Municipal Guide to Food Scrap Collection which (i) uncovers ways in which local government-sponsored composting programs help municipalities to flourish, (ii) outlines pros & cons of different options when it comes to introducing a food scrap recycling program to a community, and (iii) describes real-world examples of local governments that have gotten started with such programs, and the results they have been able to produce.
Using this white paper as a foundation, my presentation will follow this general outline:

Summarize this white paper and review tactics composters can use to win contracts with local governments

Case study:  what to do when your municipality competes with you? Zoom out to discuss the broader competitive landscape, including: What composters need to consider when positioning themselves against landfill, incineration, anaerobic digestion, WWTP. Value of public-private partnerships. Emphasize importance of soil health and regenerative agriculture.  We can’t just focus on diversion and GHG emissions.

About Compost Crew
Compost Crew, founded in 2011, is a values-driven firm with a mission to eliminate food waste and revitalize the earth’s soil through clean and convenient solutions available to everyone.  Compost Crew provides food scrap collection services to over 4,500 homes, businesses, organizations and governments throughout the Greater Washington D.C. region. In addition to many single homes and communities, municipal customers include City of Falls Church, Town of Chevy Chase, City of College Park, City of Fairfax, and others. Notable commercial customers include Amazon, Google, JBG Smith, Tower Companies, sweetgreen, Starbucks, George Washington University, and more.