Bill Brower

Bill Brower

Bill Brower

WeCare Denali | "Developing a greenhouse gas inventory for compost operations"

West Henrietta, NY |

USCC Member

Mr. Brower serves as Project Manager for the Facilities group at WeCare Denali. He assists with operational troubleshooting at compost and digestion facilities and leads environmental and regulatory compliance for several operations. In addition, he assists the Product Marketing Group in developing new soil products and assists with the implementation of biosolids management technologies. He joined Denali Water Solutions in 2019. Previously as Manager of Resource Recovery at DC Water, Mr. Brower oversaw the biosolids program for Bloom, the tradename for the first thermally hydrolyzed digested biosolids product in North America. During his tenure at DC Water, Mr. Brower led a team in developing a suite of Bloom products and helped invent and refine a patented biosolids cake curing process.

Mr. Brower has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and a Master’s in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge.

Session Code: C4

Session Name: Addressing Climate Change

Session Time: Wed, January 27 3:00-4:15 PM EST

Session Description: Climate change may be the existential crisis of our time, but compost figures prominently as part of the solution, especially as part of increasing organic matter in the soil. Learn how applying compost to rangeland in California is working in theory and practice, and how to assess your own impacts.

Presentation Title: Developing a greenhouse gas inventory for compost operations

Presentation Description: This presentation will give an overview of the greenhouse gas emissions and sinks associated with composting operations and compost use. Steps will be given for developing a greenhouse gas inventory for tracking your organization’s climate impact over time. Results will be shown for an effort at WeCare Denali to develop a greenhouse gas tool.