Bob Yost

Bob Yost

Bob Yost

Speaker | A1 Organics

Eaton, CO | (970) 454-3492 |

Bob has been with A1 Organics for 29 years and currently resides as A1 Organics Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. He is responsible for compost related technical management, operational procedures and process controls, regulatory compliance and oversite. His executive functions include quality assurance, marketing oversite, as well as negotiation and procurement of major contracts. A1 Organics processes in excess of 350,000 tons of incoming feedstocks annually, and annually produces and markets in excess of 400,000 cubic yards of finished composts, mulches, soil blends and specially products from 4 Colorado locations. Bob serves on the USCC Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Market Development Committee, and Membership Committee among others, as well as the Chair of the Colorado Composting Council. Bob and his wife of 47 years, Karen enjoy time together with their 2 sons, daughter-in-law’s, and 5 grandchildren whenever possible. When not at work or with his family you’ll find Bob hunting, fishing, or walking in the woods whenever possible.

Presentation Title: Processing Cannabis Residuals

Session: Managing Difficult or Unusual Feedstocks

Time: Tuesday, January 29, 4:45 PM – 6:15 PM

Presentation Summary: “Non-Traditional Feedstocks and Customers” is a subject very familiar to A1 Organics. Unlike many composting facilities who compost 1 or 2 feedstock types, A1 composts around 30 different feedstock inputs. Included in this list is cannabis. A1 originally served as Colorado’s authorized destruction facility for confiscated illegal marijuana. Composting of cannabis expanded with Colorado’s decision to first allow medical marijuana, and then again with the creation of a new “Rocky Mountain High” following the legalization of recreational use. Now new expansion is being presented with changes related to Hemp production. A1 has been involved in composting of these wastes, as well as creating and marketing of products related to these non-traditional feedstocks and customers. In this brief presentation, Bob will share some insights and challenges associated with both ends of this spectrum.