Bob Yost

Bob Yost

Bob Yost

Speaker | A1 Organics

Brighton, CO |

Mr. Yost is Vice President and Chief Technical Officer for A1 Organics, having joined A1 in 1990. Established in 1974, A1 is the Rocky Mountain Regions largest commercial organic recycling company managing in excess of 425,000 tons of organics per year, that includes 35 million gallons of liquid feedstocks. Bob’s experience includes product and market development, site and operations development and management, new business development, technical evaluation, permitting and regulatory compliance and project and corporate management duties. Bob has served on numerous advisory and technical boards at both state and national levels and currently serves on the United States Composting Council Board of Directors, USCC Market Development and Membership Committees, and is Chair of the Seal of Testing Assurance Advisory Committee.

Session Code: 5A

Track: Business

Session Name: Liquid Wastes as a Potential Revenue Source

Session Time: Wednesday, January 26, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Presentation Title: Adding Liquids: Increasing Volume while Improving Performance: A Panel of Operators

Presentation Description: As a panel participant, I hope to provide some insight on managing high volumes of liquid feedstock /wetting materials as part of the commercial compost manufacturing process. At A1 Organics we receive and manage 32-25 million gallons of liquids each year. We have adopted and adapted different procedures and processes to effectively receive and manage these valuable inputs in our production protocols.