Brian Jerose

Brian Jerose

Brian Jerose

Speaker | Agrilab Technologies Inc.

Enosburg Falls, VT |

Josh serves as VP of Business Development where he focuses his efforts on assisting customers in understanding how their facility’s malodor-emitting sources can be managed with engineering controls and proven mitigation solutions to avoid compliance and social exposure liabilities. The use of science, engineering, and automation to solve complex odor and emissions challenges is now the standard and Josh works hand-in-hand with the product research and development team to help ensure that Byers remains on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. In addition to his work with customers, including spec’ing and sizing both molecular filtration and perimeter vapor-phase solutions, Josh is a sought-after speaker who enjoys educating business operators, government regulators and stakeholders on odor control issues and solutions. Josh was primarily responsible for the development and presentation of technical content which is approved for solid waste continuing education (CE) credit by the IN Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

Session Code: 3D

Track: Operations

Session Name: Fundamentals, Hybrids and Safety

Session Time: Tuesday, January 25, 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: Compost Aeration and Heat Recovery at Country Oaks Landscape Supply

Presentation Description: Country Oaks Landscape Supply in Burton, MI has been increasing its scale of compost production.  In February 2020 a Compost Aeration and Heat Recovery (CAHR) system was installed by Agrilab Technologies Inc. (AGT).  Over 30,000 cubic yards (CY) of mixed feedstocks are composted annually on an 8-zone working pad.  This has enabled Country Oaks to increase its total volume of compost produced on a smaller footprint while also reducing the number of hours on the straddle turner by over 50%. Odor complaints have been eliminated following installation of the CAHR system after receiving multiple complaints in 2019.

The CAHR unit, the AGT Compost Hot Box 250-8RD, has aeration blowers, valve controls, sensors, controls and other components mounted in a 20′ insulated shipping container.  Automated timed aeration can function in negative, positive recirculating and positive drying modes depending on process needs. When in negative aeration mode, a specialized heat exchanger captures renewable thermal energy for on-site use.  At Country Oaks heat is provided to the nearby shop and sales building, and a newly constructed aquaponics greenhouse.

Compost feedstocks include ground leaves, wood chips, grass clippings and source-separated food scraps.  Eight 300 CY batches are loaded on a 110′ x 120′ working pad with recessed aeration channels.  With a 3-4 week residence time, annual volumes are over 30,000 CY.  Following the primary aeration phase, batches are transferred to piles for secondary composting and curing using a straddle turner.  Total compost processing time has been reduced by two months and valuable site space has been freed for other material handling needs.

AGT provides on-going remote operating support to optimize performance of the CAHR system.  Tracking temperature, oxygen and flow readings, the aeration interval length, recirculation and fan power settings are adjusted to meet compost process demands, achieve PFRP and make quality STA-certified products.