Carissa Moyna

Carissa Moyna

Carissa Moyna

Speaker | Iowa State University Student

Ames, IA |

Carissa Moyna is a senior in Civil Engineering with a minor in Sustainability at Iowa State University. She is passionate about composting and advocating for sustainable design and construction in the building industry. Carissa started the Compost Team with Engineers for a Sustainable World and currently serves as the club’s president. She was a part of the Green Energy Challenge Team which involves writing a technical proposal for renovating a community building to attain net-zero energy consumption. Carissa also was a 2019 recipient of the Udall Environmental Scholarship which is awarded to 35 college students throughout the US. Outside of extracurriculars at Iowa State, Carissa enjoys being out in nature and helping her friends and family start their own custom-designed compost systems.

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Session Name: College and University Composting 2: Lessons from the Large(r) Campus

Session Time: Thursday, January 30, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Presentation Title: Compost Happens! At Iowa State University and Your School Next!

Presentation Description: With a campus compost facility already in operation, Iowa State University’s Compost Team seeks to utilize the facility in more places around campus. The team identified Frederickson Court, a campus apartment complex which houses 2,700 students, as a prime location for composting with its high density of students without a dining plan. The Compost Team partnered with Frederickson Court Council, the governing student body for the apartment complex, in January 2019 to begin designing an optimal compost system. The Compost Team decided to trial a small-scale system for the semester to evaluate if it could be scaled-up for the whole complex the following school year.

The trial compost system first involved having interested residents sign an agreement form to participate in the trial. After signing the document, they were each given a personal compost bin which was donated from Iowa State Dining and the password to the locked communal bin. The personal compost containers were to be emptied into a two-yard dumpster which served as the only communal bin. The container was locked to avoid trash contamination and Facilities Planning and Management, who manages the compost containers around campus, agreed to empty the dumpster once a week. The trial began after spring break on March 25th and a mid-trial survey was sent out followed by another survey at the end of the semester to evaluate the trial participants’ experience. The Compost Team presented this feedback to Facilities Planning and Management, Iowa State Housing, and other interested university employees to evaluate the future of scaling up the project, and fortunately it was approved to be implemented full-scale in the 2019-2020 school year.