Corey Rossen

Corey Rossen

Corey Rossen

Ecoverse | "Contamination-Free Compost After Food Waste Separation & Depackaging"

Avon OH |

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Corey Rossen, Ecoverse’s Food Waste Recycling Sales Manager, has extensive experience in the fields of anaerobic digestion, depackaging and composting. In the years before Ecoverse, Corey worked in the anaerobic digestion industry in both the Project Development and Marketing Departments. He has a background in sales, marketing and development. Corey holds two degrees (B.S. and B.A.) from Wittenberg University.

Session Code: A4

Session Name: Physical Contamination

Session Time: Wed, January 27, 3:00-4:15 PM EST

Session Description: Some level of physical contamination is inevitable, but it is still the number one headache most composters complain about. Hear perspectives from three of our top equipment vendors on managing contamination.

Presentation Title: Contamination-Free Compost After Food Waste Separation & Depackaging

Presentation Description: Food waste separation of organic material from its packaged containment is no longer being overlooked, but rather becoming a necessity for companies, municipalities and other organizations. Food and other organic waste depackaging leads to the maximization of high-quality composting, animal nutrition, and anaerobic digestion while minimizing dependency on landfills, therefore satisfying regulatory compliance. Specifically, depackaging systems are seeking to make a significant contribution to industries by:

  • Increasing the throughput capacity and quality for the composting of source separated organics, prepackaged foods, and other organic waste
  • Encouraging the demand for sustainable, reliable, and quality food and organic waste resources in the compost market and industry
  • Identifying and opening new markets for composting outputs
  • Recycling organic waste streams for continued repurposing
  • Reduce environmental impact of discarded organic waste

Separation technology and equipment have made it possible to remove organic contents from its packaging for recycling/repurposing. This separation of materials leads to the increased utilization of high-quality composting. My presentation will explore the ability to separate organics from its packaging onsite at compost facilities, food manufacturing, retail, municipalities, standalone facilities and transfer stations as a means to divert organic waste from landfills and repurpose/recycle the material through contamination-free compost.