Daisy D’Angelo

Daisy D’Angelo

Speaker | Scotts Miracle Gro

Daisy is a Horticultural Scientist in Growing Media at Scotts Miracle-Gro. She received her MS in Plant Pathology at The Ohio State University where she studied wheat disease management strategies, and their effects on harvest quality and yield. At Scotts, she works with  product quality and stability, specifically with in-ground soil amendments and mulch finished goods. In her role, she evaluates the chemical, physical, and biological properties of various soil amendment inputs, such as compost. This includes conducting and managing numerous greenhouse and field trials evaluating plant growth responses to these inputs.

Session Code: 2E

Track: Uses, Markets and Marketing

Session Name: Developing New Compost-Based Products and Blends

Session Time: Tuesday, January 25, 1:45 PM to 3:15 PM

Presentation Title: Meeting High Quality Standards

Presentation Description: Scotts quality standards and difficulty they are having finding composts that meet them. This relates to both physical (plastic) and chemical (herbicide) contamination.