David Hill

David Hill

David Hill

Workshop Instructor | CycleLogic

Sarasota, FL | hilldm@gmail.com

Mr. Hill is the principal at CycleLogic Environmental Marketing and Business Development. During his 28 years in the compost industry, he’s done it all, including:

• Operations, management, marketing, education, outreach, private sector, public sector – You name it.
• He’s been responsible for producing and marketing just under 1 million yards of biosolids, yard trim and food residuals compost.
• He’s written multiple papers and had several articles published in professional journals.
• He’s a SWANA and a USCC certified trainer.
• As a consultant, David works with companies that generate, process, use, purchase or sell recyclable materials. His expertise focuses on the economical and ecological benefits inherent with the reuse of organic materials. CycleLogic works with its clients to match recovered materials with mutually beneficial markets and provides sustainable value through improved economics as the primary benefit.

David has his Bachelors degree in Horticulture and his Masters in Marketing.

Presentation Title: WORKSHOP 3 (FULL DAY): Compost Business Management

Time: Monday, January 28, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Workshop Summary: This full day training will cover the basic principles and techniques necessary to create a successful compost business. This course is designed to provide a ‘buildable” foundation for all attendees.