David Paull

David  Paull

David Paull

Speaker | CompostNow

Raleigh, NC | (919) 526-0403 | david@compostnow.org

USCC Member

David Paull is the founder of Compostwheels, who merged with CompostNow in 2017. He is now the cofounder of CompostNow. David has been an entrepreneur in the composting industry for the past 7 years, running a compost collection service as well as working on the sides of processing and regulatory change in Atlanta. He’s spoken in many capacities, ranging from universities to industry-related conferences (SWANA, USCC, etc).

Presentation Title: The Power of the Composting Experience for Long Term Engagement

co-authors: Kat Nigro

Session: Creative Engagement with Stakeholders for Long-term Success

Time: Tuesday, January 29, 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Presentation Summary: Our team at CompostNow believes in the power of composting. We believe that when people are given the opportunity to witness the composting process firsthand, it has the power to change them, their perspective and their future actions. Building on 7 years of efforts in growing engagement through site tours and tactile experiences of composting, CompostNow can point to several examples of the impact these experiences have for community members and how they’ve lead to strong relationships,lasting engagement, and debunked perceptions of the composting process.

These experiences include the building of small-scale community compost demonstration sites at local gardens and farms, as well as a medium-scale compost system composting commercial food residuals. We’ve compiled evidence over the yearsof touring a variety of groups (ranging from schools, private businesses, regulators, city officials, to individual community members in between) that will demonstrate the lasting engagement that these experiences build into the community and how it leads to measurable business results. For example, our tour with the Georgia EPD to our medium-scale composting facility, as well as several other small-scale garden composting sites, led to the successful passing of the new class 2 permit by rule regulations in Georgia. This has made it possible for our work to scale amidst market constraints in Georgia where there are no composting facilities within reasonable proximity to Atlanta.

We’re beginning to design a framework for how to consider these experiences and efforts in relation to the building of a thriving organization. Starting with the introduction of the composting process to someone for the first time, to their follow up involvement leading to their continued support and effort in building the composting movement, this presentation will review the opportunities at hand to take engagement in the composting experience to the next level!