George Driver

George Driver

George Driver

Retired | "Safety First!"

Old Town, FL |

Born in Washington DC and raised in the outskirts: Virginia and Maryland. Retired from the US Navy (1976-1995). Consultant @ Booz-Allen & Hamilton (1995-2005). Director of Safety @ Oldcastle (2005-2012). Figured out the secret sauce to achieving world class safety with the least amount of effort & resources. Shared the concepts with 100+ Oldcastle locations throughout North America, and; many locations are currently enjoying 10+ years “injury free”. 

Session Code: A1

Session Name: Safety First!

Session Time: Tues, January 26, Round 1, 1:30-2:30 PM EST

Session Description: Safety is the leading indicator of manufacturing excellence.  It is impossible to have excellence in safety and not have excellence in every other category. In this session you will learn the keys to success in safety – all the way to ZERO Accidents; ZERO Injuries; ZERO Losses. Because anything else in unacceptable.