Gregory P. McCarron

Gregory P. McCarron

Gregory P. McCarron

Speaker | SCS Engineers

Suffern, NY | 845-357-1052 |

Greg is a USCC Certified Composting Professional™ and a registered professional engineer in six states. He has 35 years of experience in all aspects of solid waste management, including composting and solid waste management plans. He is SCS’ national expert for organics management projects.  We design, permit, construct, and operate compost and anaerobic digestion systems and facilities for public and private clients.  His experience includes operations, project management, design, permitting, regulatory support, construction oversight, system start-up, economic analysis, and technology assessment.  Outside of work, Greg is the Compost Team Leader for a community garden in Bergen County, New Jersey.  The garden produces about 1500 pounds of produce annually, which is 100% donated to soup kitchens in Newark and New York City.  He is also manages a backyard compost system for use in his own garden.

Session Code: 1D

Track: Operations

Session Name: Fundamentals, Hybrids and Safety

Time: Tuesday, January 25, 8:15 AM – 9:45 AM

Presentation Title: Hybrid Approach to Composting

Presentation Description: The presentation covers a design and operational approach for compost facilities that accept food and yard waste.  Technologies to be covered include aerated static pile (ASP) systems; equipment to mix feedstocks; compost turners; dump trucks and conveyors for material handling; and, star and trommel screens.  An ASP system can be combined with open windrow technology to achieve necessary process control, while maintaining cost efficiencies (i.e., hybrid approach).

We will present and discuss the following design and operational items:

Site layout to support hybrid operations.
Use of a compost turner to pre-mix feedstocks.
Use of an ASP system for the initial phase of composting.
Use of a compost turner for subsequent phases of composting and to make soil blends.
Use of star and trommel screen to screen the compost, in process and at finish.

6. Business plan issues