Hailey Benson

Hailey Benson

Hailey Benson

Elite Stardust Collective | "Petitioning and Lobbying for a Municipal Compost Program in your community"

North Bergen, NJ | elitestardustcollective@gmail.com

We are the Garden State Guardians! The Elite Stardust Collective started as a group of passionate advocates with the mission to help our local community embrace sustainability, spirituality, emotional truth, and all the challenges humanity blesses us with. We extend our “membership” to anyone across our globe to participate in respecting one another’s journies and our planet. We seek to provide guidance and learn from you all in our communal mission to give our Gaia, our Universe, our Humanity some well-deserved love and care.

Session Code: B4

Session Name: Positioning and Petitioning

Session Time: Wed, January 27, Round 4, 3:00-4:15 PM EST

Session Description: Community composting has seen rapid growth over the past decade. Hear two growing businesses share lessons learned that will be helpful to any group seeking to work with their local government.

Presentation Title: Petitioning and Lobbying for a Municipal Compost Program in your community

Presentation Description: If you are passionate about bringing a Municipal Compost Program to your community and don’t know where to start: We’ve got you covered! We are detailing how to leverage social media in gaining support for a Compost Petition in your community. We intend to provide you with the tools and data on how to utilize Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, and other sites to further your mission. Petitioning is just the beginning!

We will guide you on how to establish long-lasting connections with your fellow community organizations and political officials. Community engagement in a new age of technology is necessary for your Compost Vision to be seen and shared. We can teach you how to gain proper exposure for your envisioned Compost Program. We will share our experience in lobbying with our representatives and how to create a strong, interpersonal, diplomatic network of supporters. Another networking tool we would provide you with is how to unite your communities’ needs/trends with your mission.

We are honored to share our successful experiences with Compost2021 in hopes that you will learn and apply these lessons to change the world with us. The Elite Stardust Collective values sharing information and our communal mission to save the world. With Gratitude, The Elite Stardust Collective.