Hilary Nichols

Hilary  Nichols

Hilary Nichols

Speaker | US Composting Council

Raleigh, NC | 301-897-2715 ext 3 | hnichols@compostingcouncil.org

Hilary Nichols is the Market Development Coordinator and STA Certified Compost Manager for the US Composting Council.

Hilary stands on 17 years of experience happily using compost and teaching about end-uses of compost: Working in public gardens, for nurseries, and for landscapers, as well as coordinating with city planners, extension services, and professional trade associations.  All big repeat brown gold compost customers.

Hilary comes from a collaborative, partnership-building background in project management.  She uses her expertise to build efficient infrastructure and increase a network of skilled and passionate volunteers to expand the US Composting Council’s work across the industry.

Presentation Title: Get the Logo that Works It, While You Knock Back a Beer

Session: Seal of Testing Assurance, Part 2: Smart Marketing with STA

Time: Tuesday, January 29, 4:45 PM – 6:15 PM

Presentation Summary: Have you wondered how to make your compost fly off? Not flying compost- selling quickly! Most composters are focused on creating a quality product and need to delegate marketing.

Hilary Nichols will talk about how the STA Certified Compost program helps you efficiently maintain high quality compost, create solid customer confidence, and effectively market quality compost products to your new biggest consumers.

STA quality comes from scientific TMECC test methods, testing the labs that test you, and frequently testing your compost with our quality labs.

STA customer confidence is based on standardizing what quality compost is (and how to know if you’ve got it), ensuring STA participants are in compliance with government regulations, providing US Composting Council educational materials on compost, and empowering customers with details about your specific product.

STA marketing works with local department of transportations (DOT’s) and landscape architects to require specifying STA, getting the list of STA participants into everyone’s hands with strategic partnerships, creating marketing materials for you, guiding you in innovative ways to use marketing materials, and publishing videos with an Emmy-award winning TV show, among other ways.

Hilary and the STA Certified Compost program are here to support your marketing, so you can relax and run your business.