Isaac Bearg

Isaac Bearg

Speaker | New Jersey Composting Council

South Orange, NJ |

Vice President, is an MBA from Boston University with concentrations in Finance and Energy and Environmental Sustainability. As a professional he has completed projects investigating investments into compost and anaerobic digestion exploring the regulatory and market drivers for successful programs both on behalf of national impact investors and small composting businesses. Isaac has also completed the NJ Compost operators and USCC Principals and Practices of Compost Manufacturing course. Additionally, he serves as a leader for the Young Professionals program for the US Composting Council.

Session Code: 3B

Track: Advocacy and Policy

Session Name: State Action; Zoning Guidelines

Session Time: Tuesday, January 25, 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: Compost Advocacy and Coalition Building

Presentation Description: The NJ Composting Council in the last 3 years has gone from formation to influencing policy by building a coalition that includes composting industry members, like minded non-profits, academics, current and former regulators, and even groups who some might find odd partners. This coalition included both grassroots organizations and small companies as well as the biggest composters in the country so those sitting at the table with us know we have the interest of climate change, sustainability, and economics. While putting it together was not easy, it has built our credibility and image quickly allowing us to influence policy on food waste diversion bills, compostable products and regulations. A strong educational program has been the foundation for building this coalition alongside an understanding of the issues faced by composters generally but by your state in particular.