Isaac G. Novella

Isaac G. Novella

Isaac G. Novella

Speaker | County of Orange/OC Waste & Recycling

Santa Ana, CA | (949) 551-7106 |

Isaac Novella has worked for OC Waste & Recycling (OCWR) for 13 years where he has gained a broad knowledge of many aspects of the department, from developing innovative recycling educational and outreach partnerships, to managing the County’s Central Region landfill budget. Mr. Novella is a contributing member on the County of Orange’s Organics Strategic Initiative committee and has completed certified training’s in construction safety and compost operations.

Presentation Title: Orange County Landfills: Confronting an Organics Challenge with a Regional Approach

Session: Planning for Organics Recycling in Urban and Regional Settings

Time: Wednesday, January 30, 8:45 AM – 10:15 AM

Presentation Summary: The County of Orange operates one of the nation’s premier solid waste disposal systems,providing essential public waste services to over 3.4 million residents.The three active landfills owned by the County of Orange are strategically located in the southern, central, and northern areas of the county and receive more than four million tons of solid waste annually. OC Waste & Recycling is the single largest handler of residential green waste material in the State of California,averaging 1,800 tons per day of organic waste material, currently used for alternative daily cover (ADC) at the landfill. Milestones for diverting organic waste from Orange County landfills are fast approaching and key aspect of the State’s waste diversion effort relies heavily on moving organic materials away from landfills.

To address the need for a regional organics solution in Orange County, OC Waste and Recycling has commissioned a department organics committee to develop and implement an organic material management plan, beginning with a discovery approach by initiating organic compost pilot projects at each of its three active landfills. The purpose of the pilot project(s) are to capture current accepted residential green waste material and assess the contamination levels, nutrient value,and feasibility of a sustainable compost operation at Orange County landfills. This presentation will share results on OC Waste & Recycling’s compost pilot projects,its unique service offering for a regional solution, and how an opportunity exists to improve public health and well-being by composting and preserving our landfills for the next generation.