Jack Breezee

Jack Breezee

Jack Breezee

Sutter Health | "Hospital Food Service Composting"

Sacramento, CA | breezej@sutterhealth.org

Jack Breezee is the Regional Director of Food and Nutrition Services for Sutter Health’s 10 acute care hospitals located in the greater Sacramento area of Northern California. The hospitals range in size from 50 beds to 515 beds.  These 10 hospitals prepare and serve 4 million meals per year. Jack has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and 42 years of food service experience, 30 of those years in healthcare. He has been in his current role for 14 years. Jack enjoys his home he shares with his husband and loves to travel the world via cruise ships with friends.

Session Code: B1

Session Name: Diverting Organics: Composting Challenges in the Workplace

Session Time: Tues, January 26, Round 1, 1:30-2:30 PM EST

Session Description: Learn what is happening in sports venues, health care facilities and office settings both pre-pandemic and now, to bring composting to employees, customers and visitors.

Presentation Title: Hospital Food Service Composting

Presentation Description: Composting as a component of our food waste reduction efforts.

Legislation: Learn about the legislation, SB 1383, that is driving California institutions to reduce their organic waste going to landfill as well as donate their edible food waste.

Pilot Overview and Learning:

  • Early data from food waste reduction pilot at 10 Sutter Health facilities in California who are tracking food waste using the Copia app and donating edible food to recipient agencies in their service areas
  • Insights on making the case for food waste reduction, training and motivation for staff, operations and systems learning