Jairo Gonzalez

Jairo Gonzalez

Jairo Gonzalez

NJ Composting Council | "NJ's Organics waste infrastructure opportunities and challenges"

Demarest, NJ | jairo@njcomposting.com

Jairo is an Organics Recycler consultant and a  versatile business professional bringing over 18 years of experience as an accomplished, marketing, and business development leader. Strategic problem-solver, change manager, and a visionary executive who enjoys the challenges of starting up new things overcoming barriers.

Session Code: B3

Session Name: Infrastructure Development

Session Time: Wed, January 27, Round 3, 12-1:15 PM EST

Session Description: The biggest impediment to diverting more organics is the “infrastructure gap.” Listen to speakers from rural and urban states on the East and West coasts talk about their efforts to shrink the “compost deserts”.

Presentation Title: NJ’s Organics waste infrastructure opportunities and challenges

Presentation Description: Regulation and lack of organics waste management education compiled with a history of ill-fated attempts to process and collect organics and food waste have led to a slow start to one of the pioneers of recycling activities in the US. however New Food Waste diversion legislations, updated regulation, and a market primed for innovation leave the future bright