Jairo Gonzalez

Jairo Gonzalez

Jairo Gonzalez

Speaker | NJ Composting Council and the NJ Organics Recycling Foundation

Delray Beach, FL | jairo@njcomposting.com

Jairo Gonzalez, Founder/Trustee/President, NJCC – Along with his team Jairo was able to achieve 501c3 and 501c6 status for two organizations, moving from a committee to a full stand alone USCC chapter. Through these non-profits jairo has worked to assist the state in bringing much needed legislation and regulatory reform suited to developing compost manufacturing infrastructure. He has also worked to bring established educational courses to NJ and develop new courses such as a 2021 NJCC ASP Composting course and a 2020 Principles of Compost Manufacturing course alongside the CREF. Additionally, Jairo has developed and designed, cost effective, food waste and organics recycling programs both in urban/rural settings with the goal of creating healthy soils, sustainable businesses and food waste reduction programs for over a decade. He holds a BS in Political Science from the University of Oregon and a MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Session Code: C1

Track: Operator

Session Name: Doing More with Less: Lean Operations, Controlling Costs, Innovative Funding

Session Time: Wednesday, Jan 25, 1:45 to 3:15 PM

Presentation Title: Compost Business Funding Through Innovation and Strategic Partner Building

Presentation Description: Through innovative strategic partnerships and understanding the legal, business and writing standards necessary, composting organizations, whether non-profits, universities or private business have the ability to access funding that will allow them to expand their facilities and/or programs. Examples will include the NJCC’s work with Kean University to secure funding for waste diversion/capture programs to expand their existing composting program, working with Bergen Communtiy College to fund a new compost system, securing a community drop off site for a private hauler, an unsuccessful proposal with a university and incinerators company to start a composting pilot, potential USDA and EPA opportunities and Public Private Partnerships.