Jeff Gage

Jeff Gage

Jeff Gage

Speaker/Workshop Instructor | Green Mountain Technologies

Bainbridge Island, WA |

Jeff Gage has been the Senior Systems Designer at Green Mountain Technologies for the past decade, providing large scale composting facility designs and startup operational support to some of the largest and most innovative composting projects within the Western United States. He has presented at USCC conferences at almost every one since 1995 on tools of the trade, facility design, odors and food waste management.

Session Code: D3 (& C3)

Track: California

Session Name: Meeting the Facility Challenge

Session Time: Wednesday, January 25, 4:15 – 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: Conservation and Reuse of Water in Aerated Composting Operations

Presentation Summary: An issue of paramount concern in composting is water management. Facilities that improperly manage water end up with either dried out, un-decomposed, even burning compost or a slurry of thick, black odorous mud, permanently coating every tire or boot courageous enough to pass through it. The presentation will cover tips, tricks, stories, developed through four decades of compost operations and design to highlight:

Dynamics of water use over time in composting

Biological water demand – water film establishment, enzyme production, evaporative cooling, curing fungal growth – Optimum respiration rates
Water loss and gain mechanisms, Temperature control’s water demand rate and ambient condition’s effects from temperature, relative humidity, and rainfall.

Water replacement strategies – surface application, irrigation during turning and soakers, inline misters’ effects. Show phoenix, BVON
Odor control’s water demand- biofilters (negative aeration) and biocovers positive aeration water loss factors relating to weather.
Dust control water demand. Seasonal needs and using surface evaporators to handle excess.

Pavement, drainage, and selective collection –

Austrian stormwater separation design by-pass trenches
Annen Brothers, Mt Angel, Oregon seasonal use pad design

Reuse Pond sizing and design features –

Lenz Enterprises, Stanwood, Washington pond sizing and surface evaporators
Conceptual design of Stage Gulch, Petaluma, California odor control, BOD management and sediment reduction.

Workshop Time: Tuesday, January 24, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Workshop Title: Adding Food Waste to your Compost Facility

Workshop Description: This intensive and interactive one-day training will cover the basic concepts, practices and “how to’s” of commercial compost production. The course will provide a broad foundation for novice compost operators, managers and regulators and will refresh veteran composters on the underlying scientific principles. Subjects will include: Basic principles of composting, process insights, facility design and management, feedstock properties, qualities of compost, odor control, major processing methods, and an overview of markets for compost.