Jeff Novak

Jeff Novak

Jeff Novak

Workshop Instructor | USDA Agricultural Research Service

Florence, SC

Soil Scientist, Ecologist and Product Developer – CharGrow USA

Managing partner of biochar products manufacturing and sales operations in North Carolina. In consulting work provide advise in all phases of product development, packaging, marketing and technical support for end users. Extensive experience in production and use of carbon based bioinoculants for ag and horticultural applications. Focused on products that reduce production costs and improve plant performance by increasing water and nutrient use efficiency. 25+ years experience providing advisory services to government and private sector companies on compost production and other bio-based products for agriculture, golf, sport turf, and other applications.

Workshop Time: Tuesday, January 28, 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Workshop Title: Introduction to Biochar

Workshop Description: The science and practice of composting with biochar will be presented by four scientist from the USDA Coastal Plains Research Center in Florence, South Carolina, and two commercial producers of biochar enhanced compost products from North Carolina and California. The scientists will describe methods of creating and characterizing biochar with enhanced capabilities using different thermochemical and biological technologies, how “designer biochars” can be created to address particular crop and soil conditions, soil carbon, effect of biochar blends on soil microbial communities and composting biochar with worms. Commercial suppliers will discuss some fo the challenges involved in creating specialized compost / Biochar blends, how Biochar enhances compost quality, benefits of composting with Biochar to boost effectiveness, and best management practices to optimize product quality. They will provide an overview of the new market opportunities for biochar enhanced compost.