Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown

Speaker | Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)

Eugene, OR | (541) 373-7600 |

USCC Member

Jesse Brown joined OMRI in 2016 as a Product Review Coordinator, working directly with applicants to collect and analyze product information. He holds a B.S. in chemistry from Kansas State University with a primary focus in agriculture. Prior to joining OMRI, Jesse worked in an analytical laboratory providing sample preparation and data analysis for agricultural assays such as pesticides. He also participated in quality control areas creating and improving on varying method developments, procedures, documents, and forms to help acquire ISO accreditation in a start-up analytical laboratory.

Presentation Title: Opportunities for Compost in the Organic Market

Session: Compost Uses and Markets: Expanding Opportunities

Time: Wednesday, January 30, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Presentation Summary: Organic agriculture and organic home gardening represent growing markets for compost and compost products. However, there are specific parameters for the production of compost for use in certified organic agriculture. The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is an internationally-recognized independent organization that evaluates inputs used in organic agriculturefor compliance under the USDA National Organic Program regulations.

In this presentation, attendees will learn about the regulatory requirements that compost must meet in order to be allowed for use on certified organic farms. Attendees will also learn how OMRI can provide the marketing tools for composts that are needed to ensure compliance and enter the organic market.