Jim Davis

Jim Davis

Jim Davis

Speaker | Atlas Organics

Spartanburg, SC | jim.davis@atlasorganics.net

USCC Member

For the past three years Jim Davis has worked diligently with his colleagues to develop business in various aspects for Atlas Organics. With the first compost facility, Jim was focused on education and food waste diversion opportunities with clients in grocery, education, hospitality, industrial and healthcare. As Atlas has grown strategically and geographically, Jim is presently focused on the second facility which is in partnership with the City of Durham, NC.
With the continued growth of our industry and awareness around re-purposing waste streams into valuable soil amendments in North and South Carolina, Jim has had many opportunities to speak at SC Commerce recycling industry meetings, a regional SWANA conference, multiple educational trainings, and the regional kickoff of SC DHEC’s “”Don’t Waste Food”” Campaign in Greenville, SC.

We endeavor to learn and share how compost may be an effective amendment to the hemp industry.

Session Name: Introspective Selling: From High Value Selling Strategies to Analyzing Regulatory Changes

Session Time: Thursday, January 30, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Presentation Title: Compost Use in Hemp Production in Upstate South Carolina

Presentation Description: Atlas Organics is working in collaboration with the SC Department of Agriculture, Clemson University Extension, and Private hemp growers to study the impact of compost use on hemp production in South Carolina. The goal of these studies is to determine what impact compost has on hemp yields and soil heath on hemp farms in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Atlas Organics will share test parameters, methodology and collected data as it relates to pilot tests performed in partnership with hemp farmers in the Upstate of South Carolina from planting to harvest. The two key important factors for hemp farmers is the weight of the bud and the percentage of CBD that each plant yields.
Atlas will outline and share pre-planting and post-harvest results with data collected at The Hemp Mine farm in Fair Play, SC. Data that will be shared will include but not be limited to: pre-planting soil analysis for control, pre-planting analysis with compost added (two tests), cultivar used for the test, field diagram to designate controls and test plants, notes regarding amending methodology (depth, method for application, etc.), any relevant overview of farming methodology for each specific test, water records for irrigation and/or natural rainfall, bi-weekly photos, photos of pre and post harvest root system for control and tests, recorded post-harvest plant/bud weight per plant, record final CBD percentage yield per plant for control and test, post-harvest soil analysis.