Judith Schwartz

Judith Schwartz

Judith Schwartz

Opening Key Note Speaker | Author and Freelance Writer

Bennington, VT | (802) 447-2413, (802) 379-5368 (cell) | judithd@sover.net

Judith D. Schwartz is a journalist whose recent work looks at soil as a hub for multiple environmental, economic and social challenges-and solutions. She writes on this theme for numerous publications and speaks in venues around the world. She is the author of “Water In Plain Sight: Hope for a Thirsty World” and “Cows Save the Planet and Other Improbable Ways of Restoring Soil to Heal the Earth”, which earned a Nautilus Book Award Silver Prize for Sustainability and is among Booklist’s Top 10 Books On Sustainability. A graduate of the Columbia Journalism School and Brown University, she lives in Vermont.

For more information about Judith and her work go to www.judithdschwartz.com

Praise for Water In Plain Sight

“Judith Schwartz’s work gives us not just hope but also a sense that we humans — serial destroyers that we are — can actually turn the climate crisis around.”

Gretel Ehrlich, author of Facing the Wave: A Journey in the Wake of the Tsunami

“Judith Schwartz shows how better management of our land and water could change the climate. What a great book!”

Alice Outwater, author of Water: A Natural History

“Hope, like water, often lies hidden just out of sight. Water in Plain Sight helps us find both.”

Jim Robbins, author of The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, Champion Trees, and an Urgent Plan to Save the Planet

Praise for Cows Save The Planet

“Cows Save the Planet is the most hopeful and surprising book on the enviro crisis I’ve read this year”

— Michael Pollan, author of Cooked and The Ominivore’s Dilemma

“Judith Schwartz takes a fascinating look at the world right beneath our feet. Cows Save the Planet is a surprising, informative, and ultimately hopeful book.”

— Elizabeth Kolbert, staff writer for The New Yorker and author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change