Kathy Kellogg

Kathy Kellogg

Kathy Kellogg

Speaker | Kellogg Garden Organics

Carson, CA | kathyjohnson@kellogggarden.com

Kathy Kellogg Johnson is a third-generation leader of Kellogg Garden Products. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Board, Kathy is a passionate advocate for the regenerative potential of compost both in gardens and in agriculture. Participants will learn from other Kellogg employees on the tour as well, who will provide details about the inner workings of this nearly 100 year old organic soil company. 

Session Code: 1D

Track: Marketing and Use

Session Name: Compost Marketing

Session Time: Wednesday, February 7, 8:15 – 9:45 AM

Presentation Title: Key to Selling More Compost Than You Can Possibly Make

Presentation Description: Over the past 99 years, Kellogg Garden Products has grown from one facility in southern California to become the largest supplier of retail organic soils in the United States. The gardening consumer is eager to do right by their ornamental and edible gardens, and their journey is aided by compost- certainly. So why is it that the average retail purchase is unaware that compost is what they need? What consideration does the backyard gardener give to compost when planning a landscape or garden?

Kathy will walk us through the process of introducing the consumer to compost. Even when the consumer still isn’t sure exactly what compost is. In this presentation, Kathy will share mistakes and successes that have led Kellogg Garden Products on a wild 100-year ride and provide valuable insights for composters from coast to coast on how they can improve their marketing approach.