Keith Vodrazka

Keith Vodrazka

Keith Vodrazka

Speaker | Cool Planet

Greenwood Village, CO |

Keith is currently Director of Technical Services for Cool Planet, an agriculture technology company that develops, and markets a shovel-ready product called Cool Terra® which is a biochar-based soil amendment that helps improve key soil performance characteristics, including carbon storage. Prior to his current role at Cool Planet, Keith spent over 20 years in the agriculture industry with companies like Bayer, Chemtura, Arysta, and Plant Impact helping develop and launch new products and technology.

Session Name: Biochar and Compost: Exploring the Synergies

Session Time: Thursday, January 30, 2:00 to 3:30 PM

Presentation Title: The Impact of Cool Terra on Compost Development and Quality

Presentation Description: The unique structure and properties of biochar have the potential to significantly impact the composting process as well as compost maturity and quality.   With extensive surface area, porosity, ion exchange capacity, and the ability to hold water and nutrients, biochar has attracted much interest as a complementary additive to compost.  However, the properties and benefits of biochar can vary greatly depending on the feedstock used, the process used to produce the biochar, and any post-production modifications made to the raw biochar.

Cool Terra® Organic is an Engineered Biocarbon Technology developed over many years of collaborative work by the team at Cool Planet.  Cool Terra® Organic is carefully produced from post-pyrolysis treatment of rigorously selected biochar feedstocks to ensure an effective product for real world applications.  Through our patented process, we adjust the pH, residual chemistry, and pore availability of the biochar to create a highly consistent and immediately effective biochar-based product that improves early plant establishment and growth, increases crop yields and also delivers soil health benefits.

Initial studies were conducted with Cool Terra® to understand its impact and effect on the composting process and on compost quality.  Results from these studies indicate Cool Terra® can significantly reduce water loss, moderate temperature, reduce odors, and improve pH.   Based on these results, additional studies will be conducted in a commercial composting environment to further validate the benefits of Cool Terra®.

Co-Author: Andrea Melynchenko, Cool Planet,