Kourtnii Brown

Kourtnii Brown

Kourtnii Brown

Speaker | Sustainable Economies Law Center

San Francisco, CA | (202) 250-9411 | kbrown@commoncompost.org

Kourtnii is an environmental policy analyst and worm composting enthusiast, and the founder of Common Compost in Oakland, California. Her idea for a community compost cooperative won the Living the New Economy’s Hackathon in November 2014, from which she received entrepreneurship support to launch a 3-year compost pilot project with funding from local grants and partnerships throughout the Oakland farm-to-fork community. Kourtnii has spent 15 years as a researcher and analyst working to strengthen environmental policy, natural resource management, and build community resilience to climate change, with field experience across the Asia-Pacific region. She currently serves as a compost policy consultant to the Sustainable Economies Law Center where she hosts monthly Soil Policy Parties that educate community composters from around the Bay Area to influence local rules and ordinances, and is also the Steering Committee Chair of the California Alliance for Community Composting.

Presentation Title: Community Composting: Law and Policy

co-authors: Janelle Orsi

Session: USCC Policy session: Working with Cities; Policy Barriers; Defining Advocacy

Time: Wednesday, January 30, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Presentation Summary: Community composting is an important facet of a diverse composting infrastructure, and provides education to help catalyze larger scale municipal efforts. Yet, too often state and local government policies hamper the ability of community composters to operate alongside franchised waste management corporations, as well as to qualify for contracts, funding, and access to organic material. Kourtnii Brown, policy consultant with the Sustainable Economies Law Center, will address what policymakers and stakeholders can do to support community scale composting efforts in terms of identifying legislative definitions, best management practices, and regulatory exemptions that standardize and ensure well-operated community composting sites. The presentation will provide a short overview of the legal and policy trends impacting each stage of the composting process, including 1) organic material generation, 2) hauling, 3) composting, and 4) distribution of compost. USCC experts will discuss.