Kourtnii Brown

Kourtnii Brown

Kourtnii Brown

California Alliance for Community Composting | "Community Composting in the BIG Scheme of Things"

Oakland, CA | kourtnii@thecacc.org

Kourtnii Brown is a worm wrangler, soil slinger, and the Founder and Director of Common Compost in Oakland, California. Her on-site community compost projects empower sustainable resource recovery and improve local food systems in Alameda, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties. Before Common Compost was hatched, Kourtnii spent 15 years as an environmental policy analyst working to strengthen natural resource management and build community resilience to climate change, with field experience across the Asia-Pacific region. She currently consults on compost policy initiatives for the Sustainable Economies Law Center and Institute for Local Self Reliance, who collaborate to educate community composters from around the Bay Area and the country on how to participate in shaping local compost rules and ordinances. Kourtnii also co-founded and serves on the Steering Committee for the California Alliance for Community Composting, which was recently awarded a $1.35m grant from CalRecycle to expand small-scale composting infrastructure and training in low-income communities throughout the state.

Session Code: B4

Session Name: Positioning Community Composting: How to Succeed with Your Municipality

Session Time: Wed, January 27, Round 4, 3:00-4:15 PM EST

Session Description: Community composting has seen rapid growth over the past decade. Hear movement leaders share lessons learned that will be helpful to any group seeking to work with their local government.

Presentation Title: Community Composting in the BIG Scheme of Things

Presentation Description: Community composting has seen rapid growth over the past decade. Hear success stories from California about policy advocacy, public-private partnerships, and municipal legislative reform that share lessons learned for any composting group seeking project support and approval from their local government.