Leslie Lukacs

Leslie Lukacs

Leslie Lukacs

Speaker | Zero Waste Sonoma

Santa Rosa, CA | leslie.lukacs@sonoma-county.org

Ms. Lukacs is the Executive Director of Zero Waste Sonoma (formally Sonoma County Waste Management Agency) and oversees reuse, recycling, household hazardous waste and organics management programs for the community. Prior to this, she was a consultant for 20 years providing sound environmental consulting services for both the private and public sectors.  Leslie serves on the board of directors of the National Recycling Coalition and Zero Waste International Alliance and is an advisor to Zero Waste USA and the California Resource Recovery Association.

Session Name: Diverting Organics: Case Studies from from Stadia, Stores and Restaurants; Compostable Products White Paper

Session Time: Wednesday, January 29, 8:00 to 9:30 AM

Presentation Title: Compostable Products: The Benefits and Challenges to Organics Processing Systems

Presentation Description: The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA) is in negotations for the construction of a new organics processing facility.  The SCWMA Board of Directors requested the formation of a committee to evalluate the inclusion of compostable products as a feedstock into the new facility.  Committee members included representation of the entire supply chain including manufacturors on compostable products, haulers, recyclers, composters, industry experts, and a professional moderator.  The comittee spent a year interviewing compost site across the nation, learning from industry experts, and reviewing research papers.  From all this research, a white paper  was produced which outlines the pros and cons of three potentia options:

Only Unlined Fiber Products Accepted
Single-stream; All BPI-certified Compostable Food Service Ware Accepted
Dual-Stream; All BPI-certified Compostable Food Service Ware Accepted

The presentation will review the three options and share why SCWMA staff selected the Fiber Products only option after receiving the the white paper.