Marco Ricci-Jürgensen

Marco Ricci-Jürgensen

Marco Ricci-Jürgensen

CIC - Italian Composting and Biogas Association | "Welcome to VirtualCOMPOST2025"

Treviglio, BR |

Marco has 25 years of experience in planning consistent MSW management, designing and up¬grading of collection and transport schemes, assessing recycling facilities (focus on composting), working in multi-linguistic, multi-tasking working groups. He works as senior expert at the Italian Composting and Biogas Association (C.I.C.), which unites public and private companies, local authorities and others involved in the production of compost.

In the last years he took over the responsibility for the association’s certification scheme for compostable plastics.

Session Code: OP

Session Name: Opening Plenary

Session Time: Tues, January 26, 12:00 PM EST

Session Description: International Compost Industry Leaders welcome you to VirtualCOMPOST2021 with issues and successes from around the globe

Presentation Title: Welcome to VirtualCOMPOST2025