Marisa DeDominis

Marisa DeDominis

Marisa DeDominis

Speaker | Earth Matter NY Inc.

New York, NY |

Co-founder and Executive Director, Marisa keeps her hands dirty through coordinating the compost and farm training programs at Earth Matter NY. Through hands-on skill sharing, our goal is to support one another in our journey of nurturing our soils and communities.

Session Code: 3C

Track: Compostable Products

Session Name: Field Testing Programs and Experience

Session Time: Tuesday, January 25, 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: Field-Testing Compostables: The Composters’s Experience

Presentation Description: Coming soon

Session Code: 6B

Track: Chapter & Member

Session Name: Growing Your Chapter Human Resource Bank: Volunteers & Young Professionals

Session Time: Wednesday, January 26, 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Presentation Title: Finding and Keeping Volunteers – Help Get Things Done and Have Fun

Presentation Description: For many organizations like our non-profit, volunteers are very important in helping us accomplish more than what we can do in the day to day. More importantly, they often export their knowledge learned, and help grow the compost movement. We have volunteers year-round who help with everything from animal care to sifting compost to building bins to educating visitors during public open hours. Our goal is that people feel they had fun and helped us get a lot done!

People volunteer because they want to help “the cause.” Many seek a new skill related to the nitty gritty of composting such as “how much compost do you apply to grow 5 star tomatoes?”, or to hone in on a skill they know a little about, such as construction with power tools, or how to tell the difference between a compostable bag and a petroleum-based one. Some want to mingle with like-minded people, make a new friend, team build with co-workers, or, get a bag of compost. We have a saying: “if you help us make it, you can take it!” All volunteers want inspiration! We believe a key ingredient to volunteer retention is to treat them as the highly prized resource that they are. Inspiration comes primarily from sharing with one another. There are many ways and means that will attract people and reward them so they feel valued and inspired. And, come back for more! Anita Chan will share her experiences working with volunteers at zero waste events and public education. Marisa DeDominicis will share examples of volunteer and training events, including key elements and activities embedded in our “flow of the day”. We will share volunteer outreach and management tools for groups of many sizes, ages, and interests, as well as individual rot stars.