Melissa Kozakiewicz

Melissa Kozakiewicz

Melissa Kozakiewicz

City of Jersey City | "Community Led Composting - Taking Small Steps for Big Results"

Jersey City, NJ |

Melissa Kozakiewicz is the Director of the Office of Innovation for the City of Jersey City. Beyond composting, her initiatives include smart cities projects, economic development, and grants & fundraising.

Session Code: B4

Session Name: Positioning Community Composting: How to Succeed with Your Municipality

Session Time: Wed, January 27, Round 4, 3:00-4:15 PM EST

Session Description: Community composting has seen rapid growth over the past decade. Hear movement leaders share lessons learned that will be helpful to any group seeking to work with their local government.

Presentation Title: Community Led Composting – Taking Small Steps for Big Results

Presentation Description: Jersey City has had incredible success in the composting space since 2019, diverting over 100,000 lbs of kitchen scraps from the waste stream. This was accomplished by a program of community drop off spots, backyard composting, and high visibility communications.