Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens

Speaker | WeCare Denali

Dallas, TX | michael.stevens@denaliwater.com

I am the VP of corporate development at Denali Water Solutions / WeCare Denali and am responsible for out acquisitions strategy and execution. Prior to Denali, I spent time in various roles at private equity firms and at an investment bank. Based in Dallas, TX

Session Code: 3A

Track: Business

Session Name: Selling Your Business

Session Time: Tuesday, January 25, 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM

Presentation Title: Selling Your Business

Presentation Description: Educate participants on the process of selling their businesses. How to go about finding a buyer, the process of selling, and various aspects of completing a sale process. Discuss what aspects of a business potential buyers may find attractive. Discuss how a future seller should prepare for the sale in terms of collecting data that will be required by buyers through diligence.