Miriam Zimms

Miriam Zimms

Speaker | Kessler Consulting Inc / FDEP

Session Code: 5D

Track: Florida

Session Name: Florida

Session Time: Thursday, February 8, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Presentation Title: The State of Organics Recycling in Florida & the Florida Organics Recycling Center for Excellence (FORCE)

Presentation Description: FDEP regulates, permits, and provides guidance to organics recycling facilities in the State of Florida. There are currently 300 registered/permitted organics processing facilities operating in the state. FDEP is in rulemaking to update the Organics Recycling Rule, Chapter 62‐709, F.A.C. FDEP is considering many updates to the rule with a focus on promoting more organics recycling throughout the state. FDEP will provide a brief update of rule change considerations including clarification of current definitions and sections, addition of new feedstocks and an operations plan requirement for registered facilities.FORCE is the FDEP organics recycling project managed by Kessler Consulting, Inc. Originally a legislatively funded project, it provides a framework to promote organics recycling and research in an effort to streamline compost processing, demonstration, research, marketing, and education across the State of Florida. This resource is a valuable tool to provide education and support for an integrated state organics recovery program by providing a clearinghouse of information to advance organics recovery. Miriam will guide participants on an interactive exploration of key components of the FORCE website (www.floridaforce.org) including About, Education, Events, Resources, and Facilities which have been developed and maintained for the last 20 years. Participants will be able to utilize the information to develop partnerships to establish, expand, promote or revitalize their organization’s organics recovery programs and goals.