Neil Edgar

Neil Edgar

Neil Edgar

Speaker | California Compost Coalition

Sacramento, CA |

Neil Edgar has been a Senior Project Manager with Edgar & Associates in Sacramento, California since 2001. Edgar & Associates, Inc. is a governmental affairs and environmental engineering firm specializing in solid waste management, recycling, composting and climate change issues.

Mr. Edgar was a co-founder and acts as Executive Director of the California Compost Coalition, a statewide lobbying coalition that focuses on legislative and regulatory development regarding composting and other organics management options. Mr. Edgar is Chair of the United States Composting Council’s Legislative and Environmental Affairs Committee and serves as a co-chair and policy liaison for the California Organics Recycling Council.

Session Code: 2C

Track: Compostable Products

Session Name: Compostable Product Labeling, Legislation and other Policies

Session Time: Tuesday, January 25, 1:45 PM to 3:15 PM

Presentation Title: Regulatory Approach: Review of Policies and Legislation for Compostable Products – Labeling, EPR, and Organic Standards

Presentation Description: Part 1: Product labeling and definitions To increase the chances of compostable products and packaging getting composted, states and local governments have requirements for what types of products and packaging can be marketed as compostable, tests and standards to meet, and how these items need to be labeled and easily identified. USCC’s model bill language has been updated overtime to help align composters and compostable product manufactures on wording needed in these rules, and to set the groundwork for consistent requirements from state to state.

Part 2: Organic ag markets Compost certified for Organic agriculture is an important end market, often garnering a higher sales price. However, compostable products are not permitted as an input for this compost, as regulated by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), and enforced by certifiers like OMRI. How can regulations like California AB 1201 help unify composters and compostable products companies on a path forward? Learn about the coalition working to ensure this end market is viable.

Part 3: Extended producer responsibility (EPR) What is the role of composting and compostable packaging in extended producer responsibility (EPR) bills? Oregon and Maine signed the first US EPR bills into law 2021, with more expected in 2022, but today there’s no requirement that fees collected on compostables will go to composting facilities to help with infrastructure and processing costs. USCC and BPI are working on a common set of principles to help states adopt EPR bills that support compost infrastructure.