Orion Black-Brown

Orion Black-Brown

Orion Black-Brown

Speaker/Workshop Instructor | Green Mountain Technologies

Bainbridge Island, WA | obb@compostingtechnology.com

Orion started working in the compost industry 2017, and has since helped composters successfully design, construct and operate over a dozen facilities. He is a two time speaker at the USCC conference and holder of two composting related provisional patents. Orion also spent three years in new product development, supporting universities and fortune 500 companies bring innovative new products to the market.

Session Code: C2

Track: Operator

Session Name: Doing More with Less: Lean Operations, Controlling Costs, Innovative Funding

Session Time: Wednesday, Jan 25, 1:45 to 3:15 PM

Presentation Title: Controlling Operational Expenses: Lower Labor & Energy Cost

Presentation Description: As the cost of energy and labor skyrocket, it has become increasingly important for composters to understand and control operational expense. This presentation aims to peel back the layers of a composting operation, investigating creative ways to keep them in control. To illustrate this the presenter will examine the following:

A pro-Forma of a large-scale ASP operation, comparing CapEx and OpEx
A pro-Forma of a large-scale Windrow operation, comparing CapEx and OpEx
Breakdown of energy and labor associated with hauling, grinding, active composting, curing, and screening
Innovative layouts and technologies designed to lower OpEx

The aim of this presentation is to help composters understand the fundamentals of compost process engineering, so that they can make informed decisions about where to invest their time and money.

Workshop Time: Tuesday, January 24, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Workshop Title: Adding Food Waste to your Compost Facility

Workshop Description: This intensive and interactive one-day training will cover the basic concepts, practices and “how to’s” of commercial compost production. The course will provide a broad foundation for novice compost operators, managers and regulators and will refresh veteran composters on the underlying scientific principles. Subjects will include: Basic principles of composting, process insights, facility design and management, feedstock properties, qualities of compost, odor control, major processing methods, and an overview of markets for compost.