Patrick Geraty

Patrick Geraty

Patrick Geraty

Speaker | St. Louis Composting

Valley Park, MO |

Founded St. Louis Composting, Inc. in 1992 in response to Missouri Senate Bill 530 which established solid waste disposal reduction goals. Prior to founding St. Louis Composting, I owned and operated a landscaping company for 12 years.

In 2010, I founded Composting and Organics Association of Missouri (COAM). As President of COAM along with fellow composters throughout Missouri, we work together to increase the quality, value and usage of recycled organics in Missouri.

St. Louis Composting is an active contributor to and enthusiastic emissary of the “full circle” movement. We donate compost and time to various civic organizations as well as regularly participate in eco-themed educational programs and public events. My long-standing commitment to responsible management of organic materials provides a unique perspective and experience of the solid waste industry in Missouri and I hope to continue to provide input and advisory guidance to the Missouri Solid Waste Advisory Board.

Session Code: 2B

Track: Business Track

Session Name: Business of Operations

Session Time: Wednesday, February 7, 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM

Presentation Title: How to Select Insurance for Your Composting Facility

Presentation Description: Does your business carry the right insurance? I am not an insurance expert, and I don’t intend to be one! In this session I will talk about the insurance lessons I have learned over my 32 years of owning St. Louis Composting. I have been fortunate over the years to have had very good insurance brokers who convinced me I needed coverage in areas that I never thought would be necessary.