Patrick Geraty

Patrick Geraty

Patrick Geraty

Panelist | St. Louis Composting

St. Louis, MO |

Patrick Geraty founded St. Louis Composting, Inc. in 1992 in response to Missouri Senate Bill 530 which established solid waste disposal reduction goals. Prior to founding St. Louis Composting, Geraty owned and operated a landscaping company for 12 years. With over 30 years of dedication to the recycling and composting industry, Geraty has grown his company into the largest composting business in the St. Louis region which process more than 1,000,000 cubic yards of organics each year.

Geraty uses his experience in the composting industry to work with other businesses and municipalities to provide assistance in planning, designing and implementing compost operations and various green projects. His extensive industry connections throughout Missouri culminated in the formation of the Composting and Organics Association of Missouri (COAM) in 2010. As President of COAM, Geraty and composters throughout Missouri work together to increase the quality, value and usage of recycled organics in Missouri by providing education, information and resources and promoting activities and legislation that build healthy soils, benefit people and minimize negative environmental impacts.

Additionally, Geraty is an active contributor to and enthusiastic emissaries of the “full circle” movement. He donates thousands of cubic yards of compost to community gardens, schools and local non-profit projects across the St. Louis area yearly. His long-standing commitment to responsible management of organic materials led past-Missouri Governor Jay Nixon appointing him to the Missouri Solid Waste Advisory Board in 2012. and has since renewed his appointment to the Board. Geraty has also sat on the USCC Board for 11 years and in January 2018 was appointed President.

Presentation Title: Finding and Keeping the Best Employees: A Panel Discussion

Session: Compost Uses and Markets: Expanding Opportunities

Time: Wednesday, January 30, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Presentation Summary: One of the toughest parts of our industry has nothing to do with composting process—it’s getting the people you need and rely on to make your business run. It’s a lot of physical labor, and can be dusty and smelly to boot! How do you recruit them? What kind of training do they need? What sorts of benefits and rewards work best? Come listen to a panel of experienced compost manufacturers talk about their approaches to these issues. This question and answer session promises to be highly educational. Have a question you want to suggest? Send it to us beforehand and we’ll do our best to include it. Click HERE to send the email.