Patrick Gridley

Patrick Gridley

Patrick Gridley

Speaker | Atlas Organics

Memphis, TN |

I came to the compost world through small scale farming. The circular, sustainable, and essentially local nature of compost is very appealing to me. The natural world does so many useful things for us, from providing our food to cleaning our air to helping manage our waste. A big part of treating the earth properly means guiding natural processes to suit human needs rather than actively getting in the way.

Session Code: C1

Track: Operator

Session Name: Compost Industry Expansion: Reaching New Markets

Session Time: Wednesday, Jan 25, 8:15 to 9:45 AM

Presentation Title: Innovative Small-Scale Composting Systems: Atlas Organic’s Modular Unit

Presentation Description: Atlas Organic’s EASP Modular Unit is a fully remote, off-grid solution to diverting organic waste and creating quality compost. It is a 20-foot shipping container retrofitted with a newly developed control system that allows operators, managers, and engineers to see and communicate with the unit remotely. The unit comes equipped with heavy duty temperature probes, a complete solar PV system, 3-blower EASP system with piping, controls, and a small office with internet access for an operator. It powers all blowers as well as monitoring and control systems needed to run an Extended Aerated Static Pile (ASP) site.

Designed for small organic waste generators, it is a reliable and much-needed solution for large metropolitan areas as well as rural municipalities with limited resources and space. It allows for a large amount of material to be processed in a small space with limited infrastructure. Atlas Organics Engineering and Operations staff will give an overview of the technology and how it functions in the field.