R Harry Booth

R Harry Booth

R Harry Booth

Speaker | Booth’s Blend Compost

Greenwich, NY | (518) 260 1019 | jbrhb@verizon.net

My son Kevin and I started composting manures in 1999. We incorporated our business in 2000 and became Booth’s Blend Compost inc. we began by composting manure from our dairy herd by adding it to old hay and straw. We started taking horse bedding in 2001 to also use as a bulking agent. We sold our dairy herd in 2003 and at that time started importing liquid manure from a neighboring farm. A few years later semi solid manure became available from another farm which made the process of building piles a great deal easier. The down side is that in periods of little rain our piles get too dry.We are a small operation by many standards. We have a 3 acre site that we are working with and we are presently in the process of expanding to double our working area. Currently we sell 2500 to 3000 yds of material a year. Our plan is to continue to expand as a wider range of markets develop.

Presentation Title: Composting Swine Mortality from a Brucellosis Outbreak in Upstate New York

co-author: Kevin Booth

Session: Managing Difficult or Unusual Feedstocks

Time: Tuesday, January 29, 4:45 PM – 6:15 PM

Presentation Summary: Two years ago we were approached by NY State Ag and Markets inquiring if we would be interested and willing to compost hogs from 2 farms that were contaminated with Brucellosis. Fortunately we have a secluded location away from our commercial site. Therefore agreed to help with the project. All the personal involved wore protective clothing to avoid contact with the disease. It proved to be interesting and educational experience for me and my grandson who operated one of the loaders.At any one time there were 10 to 12 veterinarians and technicians on the site. The yoga had to killed on site, size documented, blood samples taken, and in some cases part of the innards were taken. It involved extensive documentation and precaution.