Rhett Marlow

Rhett Marlow

Rhett Marlow

Speaker | Cowart Mulch Products, Inc.

Sugar Hill, GA | rmarlow@cowartmulch.com

With over 25 years of experience across multiple industries and varying capacities, Rhett Marlow is a seasoned business development and executive leader.
Currently, Rhett is the Vice President of Strategic Accounts for Cowart Mulch. Among other duties, Rhett’s focus is to increase the volume of feedstock into their compost manufacturing process while expanding the current operational footprint. Recently, Rhett worked with the Green Sports Alliance and the Mercedes Benz Stadium to compost all food waste from the 2018 summit in Atlanta and to participate as a panelist on one of the discussion boards. Prior to this, Rhett was co-founder and president of Viridiun, a food waste recycling company processing over 2,000 tons per week across 15 states. Beyond this, Rhett has significant experience in FOG (fats, oils and grease) recycling leading the expansion of yellow grease recycling throughout the southeast.Rhett holds an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Alabama (1992). He also earned an Executive MBA from Emory University, with honors (2002).

Session Name: Diverting Organics: Case Studies from from Stadia, Stores and Restaurants; Compostable Products White Paper

Session Time: Wednesday, January 29, 8:00 to 9:30 AM

Presentation Title: It Takes a Team to Win: How Composting Plays a Critical Role in Zero Waste

Presentation Description: In 2017 – the Mercedes Benz Stadium (MBS) in Atlanta was awarded the opportunity to host the 2018 Green Sports Alliance (GSA) Summit. The GSA sought to implement waste diversion best practices at this Summit and new MBS stadium targeting recycling and food waste/certified compostable food serviceware diversion to local commercial composting. Three challenges – local composting was at least 2.5 hours away; this new stadium was using a mixed assortment of single use food serviceware disposables; and waste diversion was then only approaching low double digits. Through the vision/experience of one Scott Jenkins (MBS); Erth Products and Cowart Mulch and their forming “Incredisoil;” and a collective team effort comprised of Levy, EcoProducts, NatureWorks, MBS personnel and a GSA organzing committee – the team delivered 99% waste diversion under the Summits footprint (2 days and 600 attendee’s a day). Thus was the start of what is today a dynamic organization – Incredisoil – comprised of three locations and now fully engaged with the Mercedes-Benz Stadium while expanding its market footprint in the greater Atlanta area. This presentation will showcase Incredisoil’s “incredible” journey to what today are three operating facilities while sharing with the audience how the vison of local commercial composting by one venue and what was a collective team across companies/functions starting with a GSA Summit (and since then a Super Bowl) is providing the Atlanta area greater and local/state regulatory approved waste diversion options through commercial composting by Incredisoil.

Co-Author: Scott Jenkins, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, sjenkins@falcons.nfl.com