Rod Tyler

Rod Tyler

Rod Tyler

Green Horizons Environmental, LLC | "Panel Discussion with Rob Herring from The Need to Grow"

Medina, OH |

Rod Tyler is a graduate of The Ohio State University, a Certified Professional Agronomist, and has been working with compost and environmental projects for nearly 30 years. He is President of Green Horizons Environmental, a firm that built Filtrexx International, LLC. As founder of Filtrexx International, Rod is also the inventor of the patented Compost Filter Sock technology which developed into over 20 total low impact development applications. These applications have resulted in millions of cubic yards of compost being used ANNUALLY. Green Horizons Environmental designs, specifies and installs Living Shoreline systems developed from 20 years of experience in the field. Rod also invented and owns GardenSoxx®, a mesh containment system that replaces any other growing system for local food production. GardenSoxx were recently featured in ‘The Need to Grow’, as well as GardenSmart TV and The Garden Girl TV. Rod has written extensively including three books, several chapters in other books, hundreds of industry articles and research papers.

Session Name: Evening Discussion

Session Time: Tues, January 26, 7:00-8:00 PM EST

Session Description: Join Movie Writer and Director Rob Herring in a lively discussion with Kathy Kellogg Johnson and Rod Tyler on the creation and consequences of The Need to Grow. Free limited time viewing passes available to all conference registrants!

Presentation Title: Panel Discussion with Rob Herring from The Need to Grow

Presentation Description: The Need to Grow is one of the most influential documentaries that focuses on solutions to growing local, healthy, nutrient dense food with less inputs than traditional agriculture and less waste, on property like parking lots and pavement. Showcasing these growing systems has created a high level of interest worldwide. Composters should be interested to consider selling their products to local companies who can use these types of systems. Three panelists include Rob Herring, Rod Tyler and Kathy Kellogg Johnson.