Ryan Cerrato

Ryan Cerrato

Ryan Cerrato

Speaker and Workshop Instructor | WeCare Denali, LLC

Garnet Valley, PA | ryan.cerrato@denaliwater.com

Mr. Cerrato currently serves as the Vice President of Product Marketing for WeCare Denali where he oversees all of the company’s Product Sales and Marketing related activities and staff, and manages a large portfolio of customers. Mr. Cerrato started with Denali as a Director and was responsible for the development and execution of marketing plans, sales plans, and overall business development related activities as it pertains to WeCare branded products, including WeCare Compost, WeCare Roofmix, and WeCare Engineered Soils.

Session Code: 6E

Track: Uses, Markets and Marketing Track

Session Name: Tips for Building Customer Relationships and a Better Brand

Session Time: Wednesday, January 26, 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Presentation Title: Developing Markets: Construction, Landscape, and Beyond

Presentation Description: In order to successfully operate compost sites, managers must find a home for their finished products. In this session we’ll give an overview on developing markets, and moving large, and small volumes of compost. Get a broad overview of finding projects, working with and educating architects, and developing relationships with contractors and customers to successfully move compost off your site!

Workshop Time: Tuesday, January 24, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Workshop Title: Compost Sales & Marketing – from Waste to Wealth

Workshop Description: Welcome to an all-inclusive course on successfully branding, pricing, marketing, selling, and distributing your compost while developing & maintaining key relationships through the process. This course is suitable for both beginners and those experts looking to increase their sales.